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Dinosaur Train Season 3 Episode 4

Classic in the Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race

The Pteranodon Family is excited to be going back to the ‘Classic in the Jurassic’! This time, it’s a race between pterosaurs from each of the three Time Periods. The best part—all of the family members will have a role to play in the race! Mom and Tiny will be in-air referees, Buddy and Don will do “play-by-play”, and Dad and Shiny will man the start and finish lines. It’s an exciting race as the pterosaurs fly between hanging vines, swoop through a canyon, push through a wind tunnel, slalom over and under branches, then carry food from a pond as they race to the finish line! Teddy Pterodaustro finishes first, but the race is contested when Remy Rhamphorhynchus (another competitor) protests that Teddy never retrieved a fish from the pond. Everyone is surprised to learn that Perodaustro don’t eat fish, they strain plankton through their bristle teeth. Teddy shows everyone how he does it to prove that he did indeed get food from the pond! Teddy is declared the winner!

Fun Fact: The Pterodaustro was a prehistoric pterosaur that lived in the early Cretaceous Period, 140-130 million years ago. Its wing span stretched 8 or 9 feet. Its diet consisted mainly of plankton and small crustaceans. Pterodaustro used the bristle-like teeth of its lower jaws to strain crustaceans, plankton, and perhaps even algae from the water. It is also the only pterosaur to use stomach stones, “gastroliths,”, to help digest food.

King & Crystal Live!

Buddy, Tiny and Mom are riding the Dinosaur Train when they bump into their old friend, Crystal Cryolophosaurus. She’s on her way to visit King Cryolophosaurus down in the Jurassic Antarctic and invites our family along. Mom and the kids jump at the chance, and upon arrival surprise King as he’s singing a brand new song, Top Carnivore. King and Crystal’s heartfelt reunion is marred when Crystal tries to convince a reluctant King to take this fantastic new song out on the road to share with his adoring Mesozoic fans. But King doesn’t like leaving home and excuses himself to do some thinking. Buddy and Tiny follow and King sings a song called Good ol’ Gondwana to explain his feelings about his home. Tiny has a great idea—King and Crystal can perform a live concert in Gondwana and invite dinosaurs from around the Mesozoic to attend! The concert is a huge success, and King is surprised and delighted when Crystal decides to stay there with him instead of going back out on the road.

Fun Fact: Cryolophosaurus lived in the Jurassic Time Period, in Antarctica. But in the Jurassic, Antarctica did not exist as a separate continent. Rather it was part of southern supercontinent called “Gondwana,” composed of land that would one day break up into Africa, South America, Australia, Madagascar, India and Antarctica. Despite its polar latitude, Jurassic Antarctica was relatively warm and lush (unlike Antarctica of today). During the Age of Dinosaurs, the world was much warmer than it is today, even in the polar regions. At that time in the Jurassic Antarctica, Cryolophosaurus truly was the King – that is, the top carnivore.

Episode Title: Classic in the Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race; King & Crystal Live!

Air Date: 2014-08-18